General Marketing Introductions and Discussions

Welcome to the community. We love meeting new people and to start the conversation, please feel free to introduce yourself. If you are looking for something today, consider picking a couple of questions from below and giving your opinion. Or make up new questions. Or, just help us to get to know you.

  • What is your favourite marketing campaign of all time (… you know, the GOAT)?
  • Who are some of the top digital marketers in your opinion right now?
  • What’s the most underrated form of marketing and how would you recommend implementing it?
  • Have you ever had any companies intentionally or unintentionally use market tactics that they weren’t
  • aware of, but turned out to be successful for them?
  • Have your opinions on digital marketing changed over time as social media has become such a prominent part of our lives?

Hello everyone. I’m a dentist in Calgary and I run my own Google Ads.

I think the best marketing campaign of all time is the tv commercial for McCain Fries I used to see when I was a kid. Do you know the one with the kid dipping them in ketchup? Mmmm.

Originally I am from India but I’ve been in Canada for the last 17 years.

If you want to know anything about teeth I can help you.

Hi. I’m in Toronto and I work at CBC. I’m keen to study with you. I’m taking night classes at UofT for DMM certificate.

Welcome. How do you like TO?