Hey Web Design Students - We've Got WFH Opportunities For You

Let's start by saying congratulations on finding your calling. The web design and development economy is the way forward for many years to come.

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I think it’s fantastic that you are doing this.

Can you tell me about the onboarding process? Sometimes employers want to test or train ahead of time. Also, what is the company’s culture values, ethics, goals and working environment?

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Onboarding Process

We’ve got this mapped out over a three-day period. First, we set out a few options for you to choose from to shape the work to suit your strengths and desires. Second, we do a little bit of a sanity check to confirm you like the work and that you have the potential to be good at it. Third, we layout your training plan and set 3 weeks of milestones for you. For the three days, you will have several short video calls throughout the day with up to 3 different people.


We want to be cool. GOAT. We also want everyone to love what they do so that they can do it well. We have a strong stance on mutual respect and we focus on team goals, not individual advancement.

However, as individuals by nature, we each find unique ways to contribute to the team advancement. The service we provide is a creative one. That means we want ideas, lots of ideas. We also want people who can tell if an idea is good, and who have the courage and fortitude to see it through.

More on respect - We welcome everyone regardless of anything as long as they are passionate about their work. Choice is a safe space to share ideas and it is also a safe space to be your true self - and change/grow whenever you like.

Would this practicum be open to students that are self-taught through programs like freeCodeCamp?

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That program is closed. However, if you are good at what you do and you really enjoy it, let’s see your stuff.