The Ad Auction - how you get your ads to show

You can't escape Ads. Ads are everywhere. When you watch a video browse a website, open a mobile app, you see ads. Great advertisers put their ads in just the right place when you are most likely to engage with the ad. Mediocre advertisers just blast messages that are annoying or out-of-place.  Historically, we had to settle with a certain amount of disinterest in our ads in broadcast and outdoor media. You had to run a commercial to the entire audience just to reach the sub-segment you were after. Most of the 'Boomers and Gen-X audiences expect commercials and are pretty good at tuning them out.   Those days are going away fast.

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Answer: Target Impression Share

Have you found a delay in performance with target impression share?

I know there is that 3 to 5 day learning period that the smart bidding strategies come with, but I find if I am switching from manual CPC to TIS then it works a lot better. I think that’s because you refine your keywords a bit more with cpc and also add the right broad match keywords.