Vita VIP Vacation Rentals in Spain Website Project

This website project was full of surprises. What was communicated to us as a WordPress clone ended up becoming a full-blown CMS. At the start of the project, our investigative skills were tested as the configuration of the original site was not known.  We were about the third or fourth company to attempt this project and we knew it. However, this was an international contact that we wanted - and one that we got.

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This was one of those “oh boy” projects, if you know what I mean.

The big takeaway was to make sure I plan every project. If you want custom software, you can’t treat the project the same way you treat a creative project.

Calculation is different than Creation, and they are different sides of the brain, for that matter.

For software, you need to break the project apart into a few areas of primary concern. You need systems to run your web servers and database. Also, you need an API / compute application. Finally you need a front UI built to spec. Unlike creative works, software takes a workforce. Creative ‘art’ can be amazing with a much smaller team or even an individual.

If you try to focus on only creative design, but also expect the software to just happen (on it’s own) your doomed.

I recommend that you ensure you plan carefully. Separate a project into it’s distinct concerns and trust the experience. Don’t let authority or attachment override actual priorities.

It’s sometime so funny how cost vs client involvement are inversely correlated. The lower the cost the more involvement.

Check out the site. It’s pretty great for 1500 USD. Even got a good review on clutch for it. We didn’t finish the concierge booking software but we did get the property search and property listings all done. We also tied the properties to a Google maps app and designed all the pages in Elementor.

100% agree with that statement. I prefer to work with organizations that have experienced marketing managers and are not owner-operated for that very reason.

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